Sunset in Peru


Size 14 Shoe – In Peru? hmmmm….only one choice


Excellent Week

tuvimos un bautismo and a show de talentos.

I have loved this weekend because of the things we did. our past three baptisms
Walter 14
Sergio 14
Jorge Luis 12
All reived the priesthood. and it was really a special experience to get them this wonderful blessing and put them in protection of Heavenly Father.
How special this has been. DSCN2398 DSCN2457

20 Questions

20 questions 🙂 with 20 respuestas 🙂

Who’s your companion?
Elder José Policarpo Figueroa (love his middle name, thinking of a son or a dog to name)
Where is he from?
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

What is the weather like?

go to (70 degrees cloudy)

What is the ward and stake you serve in?

Libertadores Ward, El Trebol Stake

What did you have for dinner last night?

Soup (Chupe) Noodles with cheese

Have you seen despicable me 2 yet?

Am I on my mission?

What are some names of the people you are teaching?

Lucila (65), and sus nietos Angelo (11), and Sabina (8), baptismal date 27 de Julio

Have you met the new mission president yet?

yes his name is Pres Archibald and his Family is really cool. His two youngest kids are living here with him. And three of his sons have played rugby for University of Alabama

What is your favorite part of Peru?

the plane ticket home, piqueo snax (its like doritos and lays and fritos mixed together)

When do you get your new IPad?

haha, ipad cost 1500 dollars here so dont think we pay that much tithing

How big was the last earthquake?

like a 4.5. My companion left the building way before i did. It didn’t phase me.

Does your chapel have wifi?

no, but it does have firewire

Do you still live on the 3rd story?

yes. green building

What is your favorite food to eat there?

steak for poor people (steak with rice and eggs)

Do you still have dogs walking with you everywhere?

yes my best friends name is Jack

How is the Spanish doing?or better yet, How is your English?

better spanish, worse english

Do you get to sight see at all?

sometime, but we get to leave our zone every three months to go wehre ever, next week we will go to the beach

Had any fun P day trips?

just the temple, but every week we go to the mall and think about buying things and just buy pizza

Where do you eat your meals now?

in a members home

Have you eaten any exotic Animals?

no. not yet.  

Take Control

Dear Fam

I am writing you late right now cause we just had Pday afuera, we got to leave our mission and head to another part of Lima and so we went to the beach. It was fun we got some good pics and my feet are wet. Its cool to see the tall 6 story statue of Jesucristo.

So there is only 2 hours left of our pday. Time flies. I have 10 months now and am almost at a year.
This past week we hit a road bump but found 1 new person
We have only one investigator and are knocking doors everyday and asking members to help. Its not easy. Definitely a challenge to put all of our faith in the LORD and study and fast every week.
Its like what Brian says… to take control of the mission and love every part of it. Keep the Fire. Just wanted to tell you Brian that two nights ago i woke up thinking of you because i got a calf cramp and needed my brother to stretch it out. thanks for you support emails.
Taught in gospel doctrine yesterday and thought of my father. when we were explaining paying fast offerings. You don’t pay for an egg and for a piece of toast but what you can and be generious.
Love you all and my feet are wet and my hands are cold.
DSCN1945 RSCN1941



thanks for the package.

Every time i put on the name tag i understand more and more of what it means. I love you so much dad. And for the things that we’ve been through, You have been a wonderful parent and a guide for my life. I know i can do this a little longer. Thanks you mom for you sacrifices to believe in me.
Pray for us. Follow the prophet and be an example.
Love you andrew,Birthday 2013 you will be a great addition to this church.
Love you all and i know that book of mormon is true.
Elder Scroggins


Yes as it says. there is transfers. we will find out who and where tomorrow at transfers. Our mission president wants to do it a little different. So all I will do is get my suitcases ready and head to the stake center tomorrow to find out total. 

So at the end of this transfer i ended it with finally having a baptism date. And with the new bishop in the ward he wants to help the mission work. So life will go on after I leave and missionaries will contiune to baptize after this dry spell, I have learred a lot of amazing things in this 3 transfers here in trebol and i am happy.
I know everything is fine at home and everything is fine here. Keep praying for me and my new area where ever it is. Thank you dad for the Alabama letter, Pres Archibald happened to be in my room when i opened it and he showed me up with his Bryant Bank card. Cool guy he is.
Love you all. Remeber, letters are pretty cheap to send and dear elders are free

Zapallal 2 Ward – Lima, Peru

Last week in the transfers i met an elder who got his visa. he was a little late, he came from the las vegas nevada west mission. he served for a little bit in the flamingo ward. it was cool that we could share common street names. 

came into this new ward Zapallal 2 and we challlenged this kid to get baptized and he wanted to  get done on saturday so we did it and helped him out. He’s got like autism but still funtions fine. name is Daniel
and on sunday i confirmed Daniel and my comp confirmed Carolina, a girl who was baptized last week.
Adam and Andrew and Emma how is your reading in the book of mormon.
less than two weeks for 4 baptisms, 3 here in my ward and 1 little boy who lives in las vegas. Way to go Andrew. Best decision ever.
A double quarter pounder with cheese at mcdonalds, only 10 soles. bout 3.50 dollars
DSCN2085 DSCN2094