Take Control

Dear Fam

I am writing you late right now cause we just had Pday afuera, we got to leave our mission and head to another part of Lima and so we went to the beach. It was fun we got some good pics and my feet are wet. Its cool to see the tall 6 story statue of Jesucristo.

So there is only 2 hours left of our pday. Time flies. I have 10 months now and am almost at a year.
This past week we hit a road bump but found 1 new person
We have only one investigator and are knocking doors everyday and asking members to help. Its not easy. Definitely a challenge to put all of our faith in the LORD and study and fast every week.
Its like what Brian says… to take control of the mission and love every part of it. Keep the Fire. Just wanted to tell you Brian that two nights ago i woke up thinking of you because i got a calf cramp and needed my brother to stretch it out. thanks for you support emails.
Taught in gospel doctrine yesterday and thought of my father. when we were explaining paying fast offerings. You don’t pay for an egg and for a piece of toast but what you can and be generious.
Love you all and my feet are wet and my hands are cold.
DSCN1945 RSCN1941



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