President Archibald – Alabama to Peru

Amado Elder Scroggins,

Karma can be harsh… be advised! lol

Alabama starts this season picked as favorite over Va. Tach…. the 40th game in a row Bama is favored over their opponents! I need a Bammer for a missionary!

Thanks for all your help to hasten the work. We are starting to see a good shift in the mission and the expectations of the missionaries.

Please let me know if there is anything I can personally do to help the work in your zone.

See you soon,

Pte. Archibald



By the way….I’m District Leader now

Lost my baptism clothes. Probably in my other area. That’s what happens when you don’t baptize for 5 months.  A couple got married and I helped baptize her and my comp the husband.

Happy Birthday andrew i love you. I wish i could express all ym mission in this hour on the internet but you are making the best choice this saturday and i am so proud of you and your decision. take lots of pics. I love you and in 10 years you´ll be in my shoes and my son or daughter will be in your shoes and I´ll be baptizing them.  I love you and happy birthday. Only 396 more sleeps. 
Happy birthday today to Elder Kitchens from Ogden Utah and my grandmother Blackburn. 
By the way….I’m District Leader now
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Filling the Font

Happy Monday…

 Just finished this weekend last night with two baptisms of John Christian Munares and Jhovany Benites Munares. Our first Family of Gold. Its happy to see them get baptized. I baptized John and Elder Myers baptized Jhovany. It was powerful to help them get married last week and see them wear their gold wedding bands. And now baptism. And The Holy Ghost afterward. They have truly changed their lives.
Sidenote: We arrived at The church building with the keys around 4pm ish. and thento find out there was no water in the pipes of the Baptismal font. and the hoses (mangeras) were locked up  and didnt have the keys for that. So Elder Myers cleaned out a giant mop bucket and i cleaned out a medium sized trash can and we filled up buckets from out side to bring in the church to fill up the font bucket by bucket. My hands started to bleed a bit and the church tile floor got a little/lot dirty with water too. But we got about half of the font filled up when other leaders showed up with the keys to get the hoses. They were impressed of two north american´s working that hard for a baptism. But little by little our faith helped to fill the font.


Day by Day

Dear family,

Another week has gone by. A lot has happened in a little time. An opportunity has been created in this area for people who want to change their lives. Answers to your questions mom. I have not recived another package from you all yet. if it was a box i will have to go into town and pay like 5 bucks to get it. But if it was a parcel package i will get it like this week or next. Thanks for giving that information, Dad, to the missionaries, I guess will talk with teh people the know. Like our investigators here, Non of them are Door contacts,  They are all references of other members and other peole.
Thats awesome that Maiyah has been called to serve a misison. she will get home a week before I do. Thats a little wierd.
My shoes are holding up fine. They are built miltiary style and as for now they are holding up good a and strong. I wear my Doc martins about 3 times a week. As for my boots, Im not wearing them. Probably ever.
Language is coming along. I gave a great talk in church yesterday for 6-7 minutes. Didnt have much trouble in talking about stuff. So when it comes to gospel things i can talk pretty well. but other conversations like normal ones are a little bit more difficult.
Our tweo other baptisms have not happened and one lady is frustrating us and not keeping her commitments and understands this is the true gospel but is still being presurred by her family to have her daughter baptized catholic and she is only 2. I do not know how baptizçing anyone at that age could make sense.
could i get that list of my famous ancestors that would be cool to show others…
Saw a university of cinncinati shirt
WE have a fmaily of gold are they are great. They want to change their lives. There is John 29, jhovany 31, camila 9 and johan 2. camila has been taking lessons from us and is going to get baptized this saturday. She iis only 9. So if youre feeling a little down and in the dumps about your family. This little girl is a pioneer for her family and is going to bring them to the temple in a year or so.
Our goal for feb is 8 baptizms and we are trying to keep that. I love your all with my heart and wante to share this message with the world. Missionary work is up to the membes cause its them who feel the joys, not the missionaries. We see their lives chage..
Lveo you mcuh..
Elde scroggins


WOW – NO say for a title

Another week yes has passed by and I am again here on the internet talking with all of you.

We had a baptism Saturday of Sol Maria Aurora Medrano Melgar, 18 years; funny to think that only 3 weeks ago we met her for the first time through a reference and are now helping her grow her testimony of Christ. She stated riught in her testimony after the baptism that she felt like she was underwater for 10 minutes (reality it was only 1 second), she is thankful to this gospel and for the blessings she feels and has receieved. She tells us she thanks us and knows her Saviour a little bit more. Her mom has the same feelings but cannot get baptized just yet. The consent of her husband is not totally in this. He is a die hard tradition Catholic, but she wants to get baptized. Thanks for this opportunity.

Our familia de Oro got married on Saturday and will be baptized next sunday. What a great example their 9 year old has been. We are excited to see them change thier lives.

New mission presidents have been called all around the world. They will start on July 1, 2013. Our new one is Blake D Archibald of Northport Alabama near Tuscaloosa. So cool cool.

Their is a family that looks familiar in the May 2012 Ensign on page 64. WOuld you look them up and tell me? thanks

If you want you can send me a package with a USB full of songs of your itunes mom with songs for misisonaires. Like EFY or other spirtiual stuff, Disney, Christopher Cross haha.

REceived your letter Emmma. Thanks for all the thoughts and great things youre doing.  Keepup with softball and choir. have a passion.

DAD, look up this scripture but read it in spanish. Reminds me of you. 1 thessalonians 5:18 (1 Tesalonicenses 5:18)

DyC 18:16-19, talks about the worth of souls. But its doesnt say anything about bringing people to baptism. So share your testimony with someone this week,.

After so many weeks here, Change will not take place. Same area for 7 more weeks.

2 misisons more in Peru, Iquitos and Huancayo. 56 mre in the the world. None in China yet!

saw the following: Georgia hat, butler, virginia tech, New mexico, north carolina, michaigan state, tennesse volunteers, rice

a member that we talk a lot to has been called to teach in the primary and was scared to do it. We helped her with her first lession and she taught it and it went great. I shared with her about when my mom first started out as a promany teacher and little by little she is now the stake primary president. so this will help your knowledge of the gospel grow and help you teach your kids. Just wanted ot tell your your work has been worth it mom..Thansk for trying and working hard.

Happy birthday on thursday to Monica McLain. Someone let her know i said so-

The shoe rule for our house versus here. Their shoes are always on.

a neighbor hood had a fiesta this past weekend and planted a large tree in the street. After the party they cut it down and left the stump in the middle of the street. Weird.

Singin State  Fair the other day. Great movie and songs.

An lady I was taling to told me about a shooting in las vegas with two deaths so watch out, peru knows about you too.

we had a idiom swap with members last night talking about different phrases in enlgish and spanish.

I used the debit card last week for Pday pizza. only 8 bucks. Which is actaully a lot here. Love you and thanks.

Elder Scroggins


No Bake Cookies – in Peru

Buenas Dias,

Another week has gone by in the land of Peru. With amazing experiences everyday. The weeks fly by and lots of things happen during the day. Our two bautisms fell through for this week but we are still working with them. Its hard to express so much to them and them not keep their commitments.
A few of the youth here had the opportunity to go to EFY here for its first year in Lima Peru. So in fast and testimony meeting they were bearing their powerful testimony. Reminds me of all of my good times at EFY. Thanks for the opportunity for me to go do that. It was a strengthening builder to me.So Emma Adam, when you get the chance to work hard and earn your way for EFY work hard and earn enoguh money for to go. I raised a pig.
We are teaching a mother and a daughter, Aurora and Sol, They are pretty great. Sol has 18 years and speaks both english and spanish so its fun to help her with her english after our lessons. Sol understands this gospel from a logical standpoint of all the churches have no authority. But one does now. So need to help her realize the spirit. Her mom is smart in the BIBLE and wants to learn more which is good.
Last night I got the opportunity to make No bakes with materials a member bought. So owns a little store but went to the grocery store to buy peanut butter. Its rare here. I have pictures I´ll send later, but everything turned out good. They were a little gooey so not as professional as Aunt Becky and Mom´s cookies. But they were very yummy and everyone liked them.
My MP3 broke about 2 weeks ago so I lost all of that music and sound bytes. So I bought a different USB to put my Camera pictures on.
Elder Myers and I are doing great as two gringos. We get to express ourselves with spanish but still talk about movies and other things. We were recently talking this week about the movie ´´Around the World in 80 Days´´ the remake. theres a line in there that says ´´alms alms for the poor…arms? youve already go arms, its money your need.´´ so its been fun to jokearound with him with movie lines.
Saw a UAB Blazers hat here this week. Weird isnt it.
We were walking yesterday to our pensionista and a man kind of screamed at us and said, ¨WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE¨, scared me to death. he talked in broken english to us. Told us his sons served in Virginia. Good to meet another fellow mormon.
Take care and lvoe you all.
Elder Scroggins, Peru Lima West Mission

No Bake Cookies 2 no Bake Cookies


Betty 22 years old, confirmed her sunday


Yamira 14 years old, baptized her Saturday

Ronnie and Nadina Briggs Visit to Peru

Ronnie and Nadina were in Peru visiting with Nadina’s family.  They went more than the extra mile to visit with Elder Scroggins.  Thank ou Ronnie and Nadina.  Glad that you were able to attend church with him and enjoy a visit.  We love you.


Ronnie and Elder Scroggins Ronnie in Peru