WOW – NO say for a title

Another week yes has passed by and I am again here on the internet talking with all of you.

We had a baptism Saturday of Sol Maria Aurora Medrano Melgar, 18 years; funny to think that only 3 weeks ago we met her for the first time through a reference and are now helping her grow her testimony of Christ. She stated riught in her testimony after the baptism that she felt like she was underwater for 10 minutes (reality it was only 1 second), she is thankful to this gospel and for the blessings she feels and has receieved. She tells us she thanks us and knows her Saviour a little bit more. Her mom has the same feelings but cannot get baptized just yet. The consent of her husband is not totally in this. He is a die hard tradition Catholic, but she wants to get baptized. Thanks for this opportunity.

Our familia de Oro got married on Saturday and will be baptized next sunday. What a great example their 9 year old has been. We are excited to see them change thier lives.

New mission presidents have been called all around the world. They will start on July 1, 2013. Our new one is Blake D Archibald of Northport Alabama near Tuscaloosa. So cool cool.

Their is a family that looks familiar in the May 2012 Ensign on page 64. WOuld you look them up and tell me? thanks

If you want you can send me a package with a USB full of songs of your itunes mom with songs for misisonaires. Like EFY or other spirtiual stuff, Disney, Christopher Cross haha.

REceived your letter Emmma. Thanks for all the thoughts and great things youre doing.  Keepup with softball and choir. have a passion.

DAD, look up this scripture but read it in spanish. Reminds me of you. 1 thessalonians 5:18 (1 Tesalonicenses 5:18)

DyC 18:16-19, talks about the worth of souls. But its doesnt say anything about bringing people to baptism. So share your testimony with someone this week,.

After so many weeks here, Change will not take place. Same area for 7 more weeks.

2 misisons more in Peru, Iquitos and Huancayo. 56 mre in the the world. None in China yet!

saw the following: Georgia hat, butler, virginia tech, New mexico, north carolina, michaigan state, tennesse volunteers, rice

a member that we talk a lot to has been called to teach in the primary and was scared to do it. We helped her with her first lession and she taught it and it went great. I shared with her about when my mom first started out as a promany teacher and little by little she is now the stake primary president. so this will help your knowledge of the gospel grow and help you teach your kids. Just wanted ot tell your your work has been worth it mom..Thansk for trying and working hard.

Happy birthday on thursday to Monica McLain. Someone let her know i said so-

The shoe rule for our house versus here. Their shoes are always on.

a neighbor hood had a fiesta this past weekend and planted a large tree in the street. After the party they cut it down and left the stump in the middle of the street. Weird.

Singin State  Fair the other day. Great movie and songs.

An lady I was taling to told me about a shooting in las vegas with two deaths so watch out, peru knows about you too.

we had a idiom swap with members last night talking about different phrases in enlgish and spanish.

I used the debit card last week for Pday pizza. only 8 bucks. Which is actaully a lot here. Love you and thanks.

Elder Scroggins



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