No Bake Cookies – in Peru

Buenas Dias,

Another week has gone by in the land of Peru. With amazing experiences everyday. The weeks fly by and lots of things happen during the day. Our two bautisms fell through for this week but we are still working with them. Its hard to express so much to them and them not keep their commitments.
A few of the youth here had the opportunity to go to EFY here for its first year in Lima Peru. So in fast and testimony meeting they were bearing their powerful testimony. Reminds me of all of my good times at EFY. Thanks for the opportunity for me to go do that. It was a strengthening builder to me.So Emma Adam, when you get the chance to work hard and earn your way for EFY work hard and earn enoguh money for to go. I raised a pig.
We are teaching a mother and a daughter, Aurora and Sol, They are pretty great. Sol has 18 years and speaks both english and spanish so its fun to help her with her english after our lessons. Sol understands this gospel from a logical standpoint of all the churches have no authority. But one does now. So need to help her realize the spirit. Her mom is smart in the BIBLE and wants to learn more which is good.
Last night I got the opportunity to make No bakes with materials a member bought. So owns a little store but went to the grocery store to buy peanut butter. Its rare here. I have pictures I´ll send later, but everything turned out good. They were a little gooey so not as professional as Aunt Becky and Mom´s cookies. But they were very yummy and everyone liked them.
My MP3 broke about 2 weeks ago so I lost all of that music and sound bytes. So I bought a different USB to put my Camera pictures on.
Elder Myers and I are doing great as two gringos. We get to express ourselves with spanish but still talk about movies and other things. We were recently talking this week about the movie ´´Around the World in 80 Days´´ the remake. theres a line in there that says ´´alms alms for the poor…arms? youve already go arms, its money your need.´´ so its been fun to jokearound with him with movie lines.
Saw a UAB Blazers hat here this week. Weird isnt it.
We were walking yesterday to our pensionista and a man kind of screamed at us and said, ¨WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE¨, scared me to death. he talked in broken english to us. Told us his sons served in Virginia. Good to meet another fellow mormon.
Take care and lvoe you all.
Elder Scroggins, Peru Lima West Mission

No Bake Cookies 2 no Bake Cookies


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