January 10, 2013 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

This New Year was spent visiting different families and strengthening that relationship. We were going to visit one more family and Elder Iglesias asked an hermano to buy a book at the temple for him. So we were going to go pìck it up. He was thinking he’d get the book and read it for like an hour and then visit one more family. 

The family with the book was sleeping and so we headed back to the apartment and he said to me that we were just going to go take a nap since tha’ts what everyone else was doing. I said no. We are missionaries here to work. So he turned to me and said basically that, ¨I have more experience than you and no one will answer their doors. So its worthless.¨I said I want to get rejects, this is why I came on my mission. All in all, first 10 doors knocked were all reject …………………… Last door we knocked. There was a family we taught and now they are pretty interested- 

When I came to this area the Elder before me baptized all the investigators  So I was whitewashed. Now we have 5 progressing investigators. Just had a baptism last month. His brother Paolo is investigating now. So I challenged him for the 19th of January. he accepted.  Area is thriving. But also difficult still with feeling the Spirit and speaking a different language. Guess that’s three different languages in my head. English, Spanish and Heaven.
Have so many thoughts running through my head all the time. Good thing i write them down.
Goal for this year is to learn and teach straight from the Book of Mormon. That’s how powerful this book is. 
Rachel and Brian, remember when we would drink out of our glasses and look at the bottom for who had the bigger number? ,love you both.
Wish I played more baseball catch with adam and threw the football more and talked. 
Sorry it took me 4168 miles to start preaching the gospel. 
They have a card game here like phase 10. its much worse. I saw a family have Rummikub and so i might break that out. Kind of cool. 
In no bake cookies, can you substitute peanut butter for nuttela
When Im calling you. will you answer too me. Dudley do right.
An hermano here was discussing movies with me and i mentioned Victory. He loves that movie. With Pele. I was like YEA!!!…I´ll have to bring it down in 5 years and watch it. 
love you all and I´m glad the way I was raised with the best parents ever. Im glad to have an awesome Father who is involved in all sorts or things to have my mind interested. 
Work harder than you ever had. Love more than your have ever loved- And Most of all HAVE FUN:….love ya Domans
with all my love
Elder Jonathan Olson F. Scroggins. 

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