Good Morning World

Good morning world,

Over the pàst week the usual things have happend. i feel though sometimes that im not progressing. Like my spanish is not getting better. But i am studying. Its just up to me now if i want to go all in and stop with english speaking.
Thanks Mom for an update on the Sign shop, I wondered on thursday about it, cause i walked back from lunch and someone was painting a large piece of wood for a sign.
My ward is good. Church was good.  I fasted yesterday for some new people and to help my spanish. I feel like it was good. But at the same time felt just starving myself. Our ward missionary leader is a pretty cool dude. So shout out to all WML´s out there. His son can relate to Adam´s problems. So Adam, whenever you  feel like you are the only 12 year old out there who is Diacono Presidente, you´re not. Eleo Andree is President of the Deacons too. He had his list yesterday of all the Deacons in his ward and of the actives and non actives and I told him about you.
Saw a BYU hat the other day.
Everyweek we walk through traffic to get to the other side. I think its so fun. Its like Frogger. Just kidding we are safe when we cross. Just reminded me of the time Mom and i were playing my Gameboy and she helped me beat Frogger. Thanks Mom and Dad for all of those little gameboy games your bought for uis to give us joy for a bit and memories for a lifetime.
Its been really hard to find investigators. We have 5 investigators that we focus on. This mission has been hard. But not as hard as I see somethings happening. Thank you for the opportunity. Was listening to a talk in the MTC by our teacher about the GURU Beach success story.
How bad do you want success. As bad as you want to breathe. None of us try as hard as we can. I know that I can always try harder.
Tahnks for your love. dont forget about me.
Love Elder SCroggins
Mark 3:17



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