Good Morning World

Good Morning World,

We had a really good week this week. Two baptisms this week and two confirmations. My cousin Ronnie who has lived in Germany for a couple of years happened to be in Peru with his new wife who is Peruana, showed up at my church. And we talked. Ronnie played the piano. It was nice. It was also funny. Wind was blowing the pages and the congregation was off tune.
Yesterday also, a couple was visiting from working in the Temple. They had friends in our ward. Elder Spencer (about 70 years old) his second wife is peruana. they have 17 months serving in the mission. only 1 month more for them. They were sweet. Elder Spencer was lost in the lesson in priesthood a little less than me. Doesnt know any spanish. Wold be hard to be that old, but the gospel is true and you can feel the spirit no matter where.
Two bautisms this next week also. Found a part member family that moved from another area to this one and just didnt bother finding the church but after a year there were things missing from there life. So were teaching them and helping their 9 and 12 year olds.
Mom, Tell grandma scroggins, thanks for the Christmas card, it means a lot. i keep it on my desk for motivation.
Thank you andrew also for your drawing.
Finally understand the missionaries in our ward whenever they would go asking for references in our house and we would say we have no one. We have non member friends. Its just hard for us to teach the gospel that we know. So simplify the truths, their faith is small. We are constantly asking for references here because it is much more sincere to help them come unto Christ with a friend that is a member also.
How is Jimmy Lemonjello
Happy birthday to Tanner Long on the 16th-Caleb and Luke Pearson on the 1st of Feb
Thanks for buying me the trench coat and heavy duty boots, even though i´ll never use them probably. But i still have them and will retain them.
Thanks for all,
Love Elder Scroggins.



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