Filling the Font

Happy Monday…

 Just finished this weekend last night with two baptisms of John Christian Munares and Jhovany Benites Munares. Our first Family of Gold. Its happy to see them get baptized. I baptized John and Elder Myers baptized Jhovany. It was powerful to help them get married last week and see them wear their gold wedding bands. And now baptism. And The Holy Ghost afterward. They have truly changed their lives.
Sidenote: We arrived at The church building with the keys around 4pm ish. and thento find out there was no water in the pipes of the Baptismal font. and the hoses (mangeras) were locked up  and didnt have the keys for that. So Elder Myers cleaned out a giant mop bucket and i cleaned out a medium sized trash can and we filled up buckets from out side to bring in the church to fill up the font bucket by bucket. My hands started to bleed a bit and the church tile floor got a little/lot dirty with water too. But we got about half of the font filled up when other leaders showed up with the keys to get the hoses. They were impressed of two north american´s working that hard for a baptism. But little by little our faith helped to fill the font.



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