December 2012

Christmas is a little different here than in America. Its like new years. Right at 12AM on Tuesday, fireworks shot off like the 1991 baghdad war. and tonight will be no different.  in fact it will be like 100 times more.
My pensionista´s favorite Christmas movie is ´´Christmas comes but once a year´´
Thursday was bus day. I spent like 4 hours on a bus back and forth to the Mission home. on my way home from this escapade, I saw a black van with a red stripe and small tires in the front and big tires in the back. It was an exact replica of the A TEAM van.
How is Andrew´s reading going, did he finish The Swiss Family Robinson yet, we were reading that right before I left.
An earthquake at 8:58 PM Viernes and another one tis morning around 3 AM. Bigger and Bigger they keep getting.
I miss carpet, air conditioning, cereal with milk.  My  pen cap looks like a keyhole from Kingdom hearts thanks fro buying and playing those games with me Brian.
Eating tip, if you happen to not drink the last few drops of your drink, don’t drink them then cause this will look like you are thirsty and they will give you more to drink.
Elder Jonathan Olson F. Scroggins, PLWM

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