Day by Day

Dear family,

Another week has gone by. A lot has happened in a little time. An opportunity has been created in this area for people who want to change their lives. Answers to your questions mom. I have not recived another package from you all yet. if it was a box i will have to go into town and pay like 5 bucks to get it. But if it was a parcel package i will get it like this week or next. Thanks for giving that information, Dad, to the missionaries, I guess will talk with teh people the know. Like our investigators here, Non of them are Door contacts,  They are all references of other members and other peole.
Thats awesome that Maiyah has been called to serve a misison. she will get home a week before I do. Thats a little wierd.
My shoes are holding up fine. They are built miltiary style and as for now they are holding up good a and strong. I wear my Doc martins about 3 times a week. As for my boots, Im not wearing them. Probably ever.
Language is coming along. I gave a great talk in church yesterday for 6-7 minutes. Didnt have much trouble in talking about stuff. So when it comes to gospel things i can talk pretty well. but other conversations like normal ones are a little bit more difficult.
Our tweo other baptisms have not happened and one lady is frustrating us and not keeping her commitments and understands this is the true gospel but is still being presurred by her family to have her daughter baptized catholic and she is only 2. I do not know how baptizçing anyone at that age could make sense.
could i get that list of my famous ancestors that would be cool to show others…
Saw a university of cinncinati shirt
WE have a fmaily of gold are they are great. They want to change their lives. There is John 29, jhovany 31, camila 9 and johan 2. camila has been taking lessons from us and is going to get baptized this saturday. She iis only 9. So if youre feeling a little down and in the dumps about your family. This little girl is a pioneer for her family and is going to bring them to the temple in a year or so.
Our goal for feb is 8 baptizms and we are trying to keep that. I love your all with my heart and wante to share this message with the world. Missionary work is up to the membes cause its them who feel the joys, not the missionaries. We see their lives chage..
Lveo you mcuh..
Elde scroggins



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