16 Weeks Out!

Well the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Literally 10 minutes after I sent that email last week. I was notified that I would be leaving my area. So I packed my bags and left. Then monday night before we were at our pensionistas house and they were sad. I told one of the members of my story of inca cola and oreos. and then she went and bought me a small inca kola and some oreos. Really sweet of her to do that. Funny too.
As I was leaving the door, the 13 year old came out crying to shake my hand goodbye. Didnt know I touched her heart like that? people really love the missionaries. WE have the spirit that talks to tthem like no other.
My new area is a different area in the same stake, just adifferent ward. four missionaries in this ward too. Big area. Elder Myers of Arkansas is my new comp. He went to U of Arkansas. So Kind of 2 SEC gringos serving together.
Saw three more college gear this week, with a UCLA hat, Penn State shirt, and a USF seminoles hat-
My new pensionista´s bathroom reminds me of our trip DAD. She is a grandma with a decorated bathroom.
Could I get an email from brother Stan olson…i miss his stories of brazil mission and his laughter
Didnt get any emails this week about anyone´s testimonies. Hope you arent forgetting about little me
Does aunt Rebekah know of a family in Layton Utah with an Elder Spencer. He is serving in my zone. Has 6 weeks less than me. Just came in last week to the field.
When is Grandpa Olson F Scroggins´ b-day
Received your letter andrew. Thanks for the In-n-out stickers. My comp loves your drawing of Macchu Piccu mountain. Lovre you and think of you often. Be a good missionary.
Remember the blues clues game that we used to have. And play on a road trip. Mom would play with us and try to see who could less clues. Its bigger- its smaller – you can put things in it
Thanks for all of your love and support everyone.
Remeber. Dont be any other misisonary than that of whom your mother thinks your to be.
Love Elder Scroggins

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