93 pdays left

Didnt get to email last week because of transfer day. A lot of things have passed through my mind. Questions and thoughts. so here I go……..
Language is fine. I only know gospel terms so its a little harder to carry a conversation but its alright.
I miss my mother.
lots of dogs here. muts and strays. I saw my first (of what I think is a Corgi). No picture but im sure i can get one. Bob Barker should visit Peru to control the pet population (faebook ppost)
No ones clock works here in peru in their houses just to let you know.
what mission is tanner long in?
Anything major happening in the world?
Saw a sealant commercial on TV and reminded me of this summer. Feels like an eternity ago. How is that looking anyways?
How do the new missionaries like the new ward area, not that they know a difference?
How is facebook stock doing? How is Basketball for adam going?
I will skype you all for christmas at a members home.
Did anyone go see red dawn? Did Dad go see ´Here Comes the Boom´with Kevin James? anyone going to go see Wreck it Ralph? Legend of the Guardians?
Wasnt rachel like Big into saving people in the country of Dafur? what happened to that? Kony 2012 was big for a bit then went  away. Funny fads a nd trends of life.
Heard the Killers playing on someones speakers here in Palermo Lima Peru. Thats my ward name.
An elder day in my district is from VEGAS. went to del sol
Does anyone call on the house phone anymore?
during my senior year in December I think I said ´´Nobody wants to play witha charlie in the box´´ like 200 times.
2000 meals left to eat. 93 weeks left, 680 days left.
Very helpful the people of peru are. I said I didnt like hot drinks for breakfas  and she brought me some cold milk.
Is the Christmas tree up yet? did brian help get it for you? What has he been up to?
Bill Tsagrinos said to look for people in peru that look like people I know. Our meal feeder Evelyn reminds me of Amee Ivie, and my Landlord who is a member, reminds me exactly of Grandpa Blackburn. Clothes and everything.
We were walking downt the street and some cops pulled us aside and talked to us about the gospel.- One was a member and was helping the others out. then they bought us a drink. Pretty cool time.
Teachin afamily and a 18 year old boy.
Money breakdown: 60$ for rent for the month, 25$ for laundry for the month, and 120$ for meals for the month, thats $1.30 per meal. Crazy
Tra la la dum ti aye, i´ll take your pants away, is our alarm clock ringer.
We were walking down the street and a van stopped by and told us to get in cause they were members from northern peru doing deliveries. pretty cool.
Brandon Ekman´s mission pen he gave me ran out of ink.
Mom and Dad. I am thankful for being here. Thank you.
Love Elder Jonathan Scroggins



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