Week 3 down – Still in Provo, Utah

Well like the subject says, week three is down and I am in week 4 now, I am still in provo. No VISA yet. I wrote you a letter tuesday and got about halfway and didnt finish it so I’m sorry. Elder Brimley left on tuesday morning with out his two other companeros. sad to see him go.

Mom, I was brushing my teeth last night and it reminded me of the time when you were there helping me brush my teeth, when we used to brush teeth and talk about everything that I ate that day. I was doing it with elder o’brien and he was laughing.

the counselour in our branch presidency started talking about he used to sing davy crocket to his three year old about 18 years ago. and I just like to thank you for all of the movies we watched as a family. They have really helped to strengthen my mood and whenever I get in the shower I start singing musical’s songs.  one of my favourite was ‘seven brides for seven brothers.

Love Thomas S Monson’s quote about his mom’s regret about him not learning how to play the piano, I feel that is the case with you and me mother. I am sorry for not keeping up with it. I remeber brian telling me to learn it when he was here two years ago and I kind of ignored his prompting. And Adam, I know its teadious and annoying, but if you do stick with it, all the sisters will love you and the guys will be jealous. plus its so manly.
Henry b eyring said in Priesthood session that, “Zion is the result of covanents bond by love”
Wo is unto thee if thou dost not share his gospel.

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