VISA has arrived

Finally my VISA has arrived.  flying american airlines for all three flights, yes three.

American airlines flight 2032 leaving SLC at 2:15 PM arriving at dallas Ft worth at 5:50pm,

American airlines flight 1228 leaving DF at 7:25 pm arriving at Miami FL at 11:05 PM

American airlines flight 2153 leaving MIA at 11:55 pm arriving at Lima PERU at 4:30 AM.

love the gospel and am freaking scared out of my mind to go to PERU.

arrived this morning in peru about 530 AM, drove to the peru CCM at 7 AM. They let us sleep for 3 hours extra which was sweet. Then breakfast. No milk for the cereal, so they let us put yogurt in there. Then the interview with the CCM mission president. Nice guy.
Lunch came around and it was pretty good food. so food at the MTC is way differente. No second´s here but its enoguh to fill you up. you have to eat all of it cause food doesnt go around. then nosotros went and exchanged our money, I swapped out 50 dollars for 128 soles. nice place here. the landscape is like a mix between las vegas and san diego. Its all a desert but super humid.
The airplane ride was super different being out in the real world and all. I believe my new P day is on tuesday. the international flight from miami to peru es 5.5 hors long. They gave us an inflight meal. pretty good. My new companeros are elder thomson and elder adamson. Yes lucky enoguh i am in a trio. didnt really have enough time to call rachel so im sorry. cant wait to hear from you what the gender is of little perrito.
to elder collard, they have jello here and its not as good as Provo MTC jello, but it is sugary with no consistency really. little but not as awesome as provo jello. little of a culture shock right now.
to elder o´brien, elder brimley says get your visa. love you all back  there in the US of A. Go romney, roll tide roll. the church is true no matter where you go. Its good to know that other peolpe from south america are also elders and hermanas and mormons. On the plan i gave my first pass a long card out to a miami family. and it was so awesome. real testimony builder to talk to people about what makes you happy. so emma adam cory, shad, brian, rachel, brandon and all others. go out and share your testimony will all who you talk to.

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