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Preparing right now to go on a mission. I am in the stage of getting physicals, visas, passports, and other stuff like that done.

All my friends up here at Utah State Univ are getting their calls ranging from Columbia to New Zealand to the Baltic mission to Las Vegas Nevada. My grandparents are getting home from their two year mission in Swaziland South Africa. That would be a pretty cool mission to go to. Get to see some exotic animals and some amazing people and learn their life stories and teach them the Gospel.

No my middle name does not have that extra ‘F’ in it. However, I am trying to incorporate it into everything because I want it to be there. My middle name is Olson, after my father’s father. His name is Olson F. Scroggins. His father’s name is Charlie F. With his father’s name to be Duffey F. So there you go. There is my story behind my middle name.

Do not confuse my mission blog with my brother, Elder J. Brian Scroggins Jr. … Thank you and I hope all of us will enjoy this journey’s ride.


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